Anonymous: What happened to your mom? :( 

Well, tomorrow, it’ll be 3 years since she passed away.

Anonymous: Why did you hate your stepdad so much? Shouldnt you miss him and wish he was here since you have no parents? 

I don’t have to miss him just ‘cause I have no parents. I miss my mom, but not him. I did cry when I found out that he passed away, but that was the only time. I just miss some of the memories. The good ones.
There were so many bad memories though. He was such a vindictive, cocky, tricky person. He would abuse us physically, emotionally, and verbally. He didn’t give a shit about us. He only cared about himself. When he didn’t get his way, he used abuse. He made us both feel like we were worthless. I’ll be honest though, he was nice sometimes but overall, there was more bad than good. He ruined me. And I will never forgive him. He was such a dick who needed karma to get his fucking ass. And it did. He was disgusting and irritating. I was afraid of him a lot of the time. I shouldn’t be afraid though. And I’m just really really glad that I never have to hear his annoying car pull up anymore.

Anonymous: What's the thing you miss most about your mom? 

I miss many things about her. I think the one thing I miss most though is being able to talk to her whenever I want. I see my friends call their parents and I really miss that. Sometimes when my friends call their parents, I go to my room and call my mom’s old number. It’s disconnected but I still try. I don’t know what I’m trying to get outta that but I just wish she could answer the phone. I miss her smile, her laugh, her sense of humor. I miss her giving me advice and just her being here.


Baby it’s you. You’re the one I love.

You’re the one I need. You’re the only one I see…